Woman Brutally Murdered After Responding to Facebook Marketplace Ad

Woman Brutally Murdered After Responding to Facebook Marketplace Ad

ivermectin pills for humans ingredients thin According to police, a Geistown man has admitted to stabbing a local woman to death inside his apartment. He is blaming the murder on an argument over the price of a refrigerator.

Vienne stromectol tablets canada 54-year-old Denise Williams Hornerstown, was stabbed multiple times with a knife after agreeing on Facebook Marketplace to buy the fridge at his apartment, County Coroner Jeff Lees said.

“She put up one heck of a fight to defend herself,” Lees said. “But this was a violent death she sustained.”

The man who stabbed Denise, 26-year-old Joshua Gorgone, apparently left Williams to die in his Old Scalp Avenue apartment. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon by police in a Richland Township shopping center parking lot.

In the hours after the attack, Denise’s Chevy sport utility vehicle was found four blocks away from the crime scene and her cell phone was located eight miles away on Sheridan Street in Johnstown.

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said investigators believe Williams drove to Gorgone’s apartment on Monday, and her vehicle and phone were placed in the other locations after her murder.

Fresh blood was also found on the driver’s side door and a small bag of cocaine was left in the center console.

Gorgone has been charged with crimincal homicide and two counts of aggravated assault. Additional charges may follow as the investigation continues.

Gorgone is currently being held without bond because criminal homicide is a nonbailable offense in Pennsylvania.

“There is no further risk to the public,” Neugebauer said.

Gorgone now awaits a preliminary hearing before District Judge Susan Gindlesperger.

Neugebauer said police found the Facebook Marketplace ad Gorgone had posted about the fridge.

Williams was looking to buy the fridge as a gift for her boyfriend.

Williams is also the sister of Robert “Bobby” Williams Jr., who was shot and killed inside his Richland home in 2013.

Despite reward offers, that case has never been solved. But Neugebauer said there are no indications that the two murders are related.

The mother of two children, Williams was remembered as “charismatic,” loving and always willing to do whatever it took to help someone she loved, her family wrote in a GoFundme.com page.

“There is never a challenge she would back down from, and when it came to her family, there were no lengths she wasn’t willing to go,” it continued.

When they couldn’t reach Williams on Tuesday, family members realized that something was wrong and immediately called police.

They were also aggressive in tracking her whereabouts through social media, which led police to the Facebook post that had the exact location of the murder.

Williams was found inside the apartment’s bathroom. The massive amount of blood she lost from the stabbings caused her death, he said.

Neugebauer said several knives were seized as evidence from the scene, but it is too soon to know whether more than one knife was used in the attack.

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  1. Need to be careful answering ad. The maggot deserves the death penalty .He must have plan the murder before she came. If I went to check out an ad I would take some one with me or have a weapon with me. rest in peace.Hope to sentence him to death.

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