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Mom is accused of ‘child abuse’ for the lunches she packs her 5-year-old

vegas slots win real money Oaxaca de Juárez A mom who documents her child’s school lunches has been accused of child abuse by a stranger online, and TikTok is dumbfounded. TikToker Tara Clontz, a self-described “wife, mom, artist, and Instant Pot enthusiast,” gained over 6.8 million views and 33,000 comments when she responded to a TikToker who felt her 5-year-old’s diet was abusive.

Raw Steak

Can Eating Raw Meat Get You High?

strong chronol tablet online A social media trend called “high meat” has people trying to experience artificial highs by consuming raw meat. The trend refers to any meat that’s been stored untreated for months, or even years, until it becomes putrid, IFLScience reported. When consumed, the protein supposedly induces euphoria like a narcotic. Thanks to Twitter users sharing their

Hot Pockets Recall
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Recall: Hot Pockets Filled with Glass and Hard Plastic

Over 762,000 pounds of Hot Pockets were recalled this month due to “possible foreign matter contamination.” That “foreign matter” is apparently glass and hard plastic. Parent company Nestlé Prepared Foods recalled the Hot Pockets after determining they may have been contaminated with “extraneous materials, specifically pieces of glass and hard plastic,” the US Department of