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Women Smell “Devil’s Breath” Flower and Get Severely Ill

Park Forest gay matchmaking pudsey west yorkshire TikTokers have tried some pretty dangerous trends, from chugging Everclear to shaving their teeth down with nail files. The app’s latest cautionary tale comes from a flowery photo shoot gone wrong. In a video first posted on Instagram, singer-songwriter Raffaela Weyman and a friend deeply inhaled the scent of a giant yellow bloom. “I hope you

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Toxic and Invasive Hammerhead Flatworm Species Discovered in US

http://s7sportssg.com/73461-fils-du-roy-single-malt-63462/ A highly invasive species of hammerhead flatworms known for their toxic threat to humans has been discovered in Texas. Director of Research and Education/Outreach at the Texas Invasive Species Institute Ashley Morgan-Olvera confirmed that the invasive hammerhead flatworm has been found throughout the state. Although she noted the species, known scientifically as Bipalium kewense, is