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Jack Nicholson Living Out His ‘Sad Last Days’ Locked Away In His Mansion

Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson has disappeared from public life, and pals of the actor are reportedly worried the end could be near. The 84-year-old Batman star is currently living out his “sad last days” at his Beverly Hills, Calif. mansion, an insider spilled to Radar. The Shining star has reportedly owned the 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 3,300 square foot abode since the ‘70s. The

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News Channel Accidentally Ran Footage of a Satanic Ritual During a Segment on Police Dog Welfare

An Australian broadcaster accidentally aired a clip of a satanic meeting during its nightly news broadcast, giving viewers an unexpected glimpse into the religious ceremonies of a satanic group based in Queensland. The clip was broadcast during a nightly news program aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is also known as ABC TV. It