Mother Kills Her Daughters to “Save Them from Abuse”

Mother Kills Her Daughters to “Save Them from Abuse”

preferably idn player A mother who allegedly smothered her two daughters to death claims that she was trying to protect them from being abused.

Madison McDonald, 30, told police she was trying to protect her daughters as she was being arrested in the lobby of a police station where she had called 911 to report her actions.

After officers began questioning McDonald, she started “talking about how her kids were abused and that she would do anything to protect her children – including ‘eliminating them,’” according to an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 4.

Irving police spokesman Robert Reeves told the TV station that McDonald was calm on Monday night when she explained that her daughters had been abused. Law enforcement officials have not yet verified her statement.

“We’re trying to figure out the why. In a situation like this, this is obviously a horrific incident where two children were murdered,” Reeves said. “We may not ever know the why because there’s not going to be a definition or a reason that would ever justify the murder of two small children.”

On Monday night, McDonald walked into the Irving Police Department in North Texas and used the phone in the lobby to call 911 and report that she had murdered her two daughters, according to a department press release.

Video surveillance shows McDonald pacing around the lobby for about 10 minutes before she made the phone call. Police officers found McDonald in the lobby, where they arrested her. They also went to her home on the 700 block of Cowboys Parkway, where they found the dead bodies of her daughters, 1-year-old Lillian Mae McDonald and 6-year-old Archer Hammond.

According to reports, Madison told police that she smothered her daughters. “The exact determination of how they died will have to be determined by the medical examiner’s office but that is what she believed is how she killed the two daughters,” Reeves said. Lillian and Archer were half-sisters with different fathers, according to Reeves.

A GoFundMe account for Lillian stated that “she just adored her daddy” Chris McDonald and “when Chris walked into the room you could see the light and love he had” for her. Madison has been charged with two counts of capital murder of a person under the age of 10. She is currently being held at the Irving City Jail without bail. She is set to be transferred to the Dallas County jail.

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  1. These idiots who have abortions are no different than these women who kill their children.. why aren’t they charged with murder. They numb childbirth pain.. no pain no reason not too breed and birth.. that pain is the beginning of the bond between a a child and the birth mother.. psychologically it must occur.. neo birthing supposed modern medicine, has taken the natural. Being of the mother away. We drug them, . How did civilization survive? Then we bounce sound waves off the fetus,. Perhaps doing permanent damage too eyes,heart,brain. . If God doesn’t create it, and man interfere, then it wasn’t meant too be

  2. Our young Mothers are losing it. When they start killing their own young, something horrible has snapped inside them. Unfortunately, if people do not bring God back to our lives, our families, rearing of children, you will be seeing more of these acts.

    This IS NOT IDLE TALK. The human race is in a fight for its existence. There is a battle between GOOD vs Evil raging across our earth and unless we bring God back into our lives to strengthen the “GOOD”, EVIL WILL WIN — and more innocent children will die by the hands of the one person who should love and protect them — their mothers.

    If you want to stop this from happening, TALK TO GOD AND ASK FOR GUIDANCE. It is the only way to prevent things like this from ever happening again!

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