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Sushi Lovers Warned about Parasites

May 12, 2017 — With the rise in popularity of sushi, doctors are warning of the dangers caused by parasites in raw or undercooked fish and seafood. Infections from anisakidosis, a parasite found in sushi, are on the rise, says a new study in the journal BMJ Case Reports. It highlighted the story of a


No, You Should Not Use Beer as a Painkiller

We hate to be buzzkills, but if you recently heard that a study proved beer is a better painkiller than medications like Tylenol, that’s not quite the case. In reality, the study results aren’t as cut and dried as that. The meta-analysis in question was published in The Journal of Pain in December 2016, and


Natural Remedies Attacked by Dark Money

New sneak attack on natural medicine If you want to get to the truth about something, don’t just look at HOW it’s attacked. Look at WHO’S attacking it. Case in point: homeopathy. A new article making the rounds online claims it’s based on “insane principles” and attempts to discredit this entire branch of natural medicine.


Slash Hidden Grilling Dangers with These 7 Steps

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. The weather’s getting nicer and normally you’d be itching to gather up your friends, grab a drink and fire up the grill. But with all the emerging evidence about the hidden dangers of grilling, suddenly one of your favorite hobbies seems scary. There have been