Natural Remedies Attacked by Dark Money


New sneak attack on natural medicine

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If you want to get to the truth about something, don’t just look at HOW it’s attacked.

Look at WHO’S attacking it.

Case in point: homeopathy.

A new article making the rounds online claims it’s based on “insane principles” and attempts to discredit this entire branch of natural medicine.

As the article from the American Council on Science and Health says, “It completely defies logic how anyone with a halfway functional brain could buy into this.”

Yet for a group with “science” right in the name, they don’t cite a SINGLE study.

So much for science!

That’s HOW homeopathy is being attacked. Now for the WHO, because you’re really not going to believe this one.

The American Council on Science and Health bills itself as a “pro-science consumer advocacy organization,” but I did some digging and uncovered the ugly truth.

It doesn’t ADVOCATE for consumers. It’s not RUN by or for consumers.

It’s a shady organization funded by “dark money” from unknown sources — and it routinely supports major industry while attacking the legitimate concerns of consumers.

It’s fought tooth and nail AGAINST labels for genetically modified foods… downplayed concerns over dangerous pesticides and herbicides… and actually DEFENDED asbestos and Agent Orange, according to SourceWatch.

This group has attempted to keep its funding secret, but leaked documents have exposed just who’s paying for these attacks on everything from homeopathy to honest food labels.

It’s not “consumers.”

It’s BIG INDUSTRY, including drug companies!

Mother Jones got a look at the organization’s 2013 financial statement and found that its donors — and the folks who it would LIKE to donate — are comprised of “a who’s-who of energy, agriculture, cosmetics, food, soda, chemical, pharmaceutical, and tobacco corporations.”

So, when this group attacks homeopathy, it’s doing so with the support of the very industries that profit of illness and poor health.

Don’t fall for these baseless attacks.

There’s a simple reason this group didn’t cite the research when they made this attack: They’re afraid readers will look into the studies for themselves and uncover the truth!

There are more than 100 published studies that back homeopathy as a safe, fast, and effective means of getting relief from dozens of common conditions including pain, depression, allergies, and more.

The one “catch” with homeopathy is that it doesn’t work like drugs. These treatments attack the causes, not just the symptoms — so instead of one possible headache remedy, for example, there are more than a dozen options.

You may have to engage in a little trial-and-error to find the best remedy for you.

If you need a little more specific help, seek the advice of a holistic medical doctor experienced in homeopathy.

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