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Ten Health Benefits of Sex

Type “sexual health” into a search engine, and it is likely that you will be bombarded with pages of articles covering anything and everything, from sexual norms and advice on relationships, birth control, and pregnancy, to information about STDs and how to avoid them. What is less often discussed, however, is the abundant physical and

Health Wellness

Getting Fat from ‘Diet’ Products

Diet foods are a multi-billion-dollar business, especial in America with so many people becoming more heath conscious. One of the first things many people going on a diet do is cut or reduce fat from their diets. They begin reading labels to see just how much fat a product contains. After all, we’ve all heard

Health Wellness

Beer Drinkers May Develop Irregular Heart Rhythms

The Munich Oktoberfest might seem an unlikely locale for a medical research project, but German scientists studied festivalgoers and found that moderate social drinking may lead to arrhythmias — irregular heart rhythms — in otherwise healthy people. Using a hand-held breathalyzer, the researchers tested 3,028 men and women who had been drinking but were not

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Appendicitis doesn’t need surgery

When you DON’T need emergency surgery Emergency surgery is something most folks never even think to question. The word “emergency” is right in the name! Well, friend, if you’re in line for one of the most common “emergency” surgeries of all, it may be time to start asking some questions. Because as it turns out,