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When you DON’T need emergency surgery

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Emergency surgery is something most folks never even think to question.

The word “emergency” is right in the name!

Well, friend, if you’re in line for one of the most common “emergency” surgeries of all, it may be time to start asking some questions.

Because as it turns out, you may not need to have your appendix yanked out.

Even if you have appendicitis… even if the organ has swollen like a balloon, and you’re in pain unlike anything you’ve ever felt before… you could be quickly and completely cured WITHOUT surgery.

Right now, researchers are putting antibiotic drugs to the test against appendectomy in a major clinical trial. And they’re convinced this $12 million study will forever change the 130-year practice of removing the appendix.


I’m not putting THAT much faith in this one study — because, after all, the evidence is already in!

There have been at least SEVEN studies on this, and they ALL prove that this condition can be successfully treated with antibiotics alone. One of them found the success rate is as high as 90 percent.

What’s changed? Absolutely nothing! And it won’t change for one simple reason: money.

As long as surgeons are calling the shots, they’re going to take the quick payday every time — and, at an average cost of $33,000 per appendectomy, it’s some of the quickest cash in the ER.

Surgeons will claim it’s “better to be safe than sorry,” so they’d rather remove the organ than risk it bursting if the drugs don’t work.

But the studies we have on this show there’s absolutely no risk in trying the meds first and waiting to see what happens.

If it works, you get to go home with your appendix intact. If it doesn’t, there’s still time to operate.

Avoiding surgery when you can is ALWAYS a safer bet. Any procedure packs risks — and, in a hospital, that includes the possibility of infection with deadly superbug bacteria such as C. diff and MRSA.

And while docs claim you don’t need the appendix anyway, emerging science shows they’re wrong.

The appendix appears to play a secret role in your immune system, acting as a “spare tank” filled with healthy bacteria for your body to use in an emergency, especially in the colon.

How important are those good bugs hiding in the spare tank?

A 2015 study found that folks who’ve had the appendix removed have a 14 percent higher risk of colorectal cancer.

Looks to me like a good reason to keep the organ if you can!

So, if you’re in the ER with appendicitis, don’t be so quick to sign off on surgery. Ask about your options and if antibiotics might work for you.

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