News Channel Accidentally Ran Footage of a Satanic Ritual During a Segment on Police Dog Welfare

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An Australian broadcaster accidentally aired a clip of a satanic meeting during its nightly news broadcast, giving viewers an unexpected glimpse into the religious ceremonies of a satanic group based in Queensland.

The clip was broadcast during a nightly news program aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is also known as ABC TV. It starts with a segment on police dog welfare, showing suit-clad men standing outside a building, but quickly cuts to a visual of three people wearing black and standing beside a brightly lit, upside-down cross.

“Hail, Satan!” one of them loudly proclaims, before the clip cuts out.

-Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) August 19, 2021

ABC TV presenter Yvonne Yong continued with the broadcast after the clip of the satanic ritual aired.

It is not known how the clip of the ritual made its way into a segment on police dogs. ABC TV did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

The footage might have come from a Facebook video of the Noosa Temple of Satan, a satanic group based in Queensland, Australia. The same clip is seen at the eight-minute mark of the group’s live-stream from October 30.

The Noosa Temple, which is composed of self-described Satanists, recently made the news in Australia. Led by its founder Robin Bristow, who is better known by the name “Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon,” the group is pushing for the Australian government to allow Satanists to teach religious classes in schools, per an August 12 report by the Brisbane Times.

2 thoughts on “News Channel Accidentally Ran Footage of a Satanic Ritual During a Segment on Police Dog Welfare

  1. Those Satanists are quickly showing how very little Soul they have left by demanding they be allowed to teach Satanic classes in public schools! Wow! I knew the horned one was on earth now, but these people certainly have brass clangors to think any level headed parent would allow their innocent naive child to even be near those POS!

    If Australia allows those snakes to teach their twisted demonic beliefs in their public schools and the word gets out across the seas, it will be another country crossed off many people’s vacation spots. BYE BYE TOURISM AUSTRALIA!!!

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