Bizarre ‘Hybrid Creature’ Baffles The Internet


TikTok users have been left baffled after footage showing a weird-looking animal was shared online.

The unusual-looking little dude was spotted scurrying around the street by TikTok user @airwave, who asked his followers: “What the f**g is this?” Indeed.

The clip shows a black rodent-like animal with some white markings on its face – its fur appears to be fairly short with a little tuft at the base of its tail, while the white patches on its face give it the appearance of three eyes.

The video has been viewed millions of times and thousands of people have commented to offer their suggestions on what the animal could be.

One wrote: “That’s a squirat.”

A second person said: “At first I was, like, rat? Then I was, like, squirrel? And then I was, like, cat?”

Another joked: “That’s a squirrel that’s been through some s**t.”

Moving away from animals and onto horrible diseases, another person said: “That’s bubonic plague.”

Credit: TikTok/@airwave
Credit: TikTok/@airwave

Others said it looked like a Pokémon, while the most common – and sensible – answer was that it was a black squirrel with its fur missing either through disease or injury.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s pretty cute?

If bizarre-looking creatures are your thing, then you might be interested in this clip of some sort of aquatic animal that completely transforms its shape before, sadly, meeting its demise.

The clip, which was filmed deep in the ocean, was posted online back in 2013 but resurfaced last month, leaving social media users scratching their heads over what exactly it was.

Posting to YouTube, an account called CaptainJRD wrote: “This video was taken by an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at a depth of 3753 ft in the Indian Ocean within close proximity to a drill wellhead.

“Near the end of the footage you can see the creature getting caught up in the output from the ROV thrusters.”

Unfortunately for the poor little creature, the aforementioned ‘ROV thrusters’ appear to rip it to shreds just as the clip ends.

In an attempt to reassure naysayers, CaptainJRD added: “The video has not been altered and was taken off the East coast of Africa.”

People have been keen to comment on the strange video, with one writing: “Majestically drifts, majestically shape shifts, majestically glows, majestically does a couple of cute spins and gets brutally ripped apart and tossed in the void. RIP glow globe.”

5 thoughts on “Bizarre ‘Hybrid Creature’ Baffles The Internet

  1. It’s the hidenbidens cat, that the dogs tried to eat. Come on man, u know the thing.U haven’t seen nothing yet.

  2. It is a squirrel. Squirrels typically pull out the tail fur to line their nests for their young. This keeps the babies warm while the parent goes out for food. This particular squirrel may have overdone the de-furring a lot.

  3. That black creature is definitely a “Black Squirrel” which exists through the Midwestern United States. It either had a mishap with its tail OR, more than likely, it has mange both on the end of its tail and also those bare spots over its eyes. In the picture those spots look white, but what you’re actually seeing is the white skin beneath its fur. Mange causes areas of fur to fall off. It is treated on our domestic dogs and cats, but not seen much in the wild world, but it does exist there.

    The reason I think the Squirrel has mange is that in the many pics I researched, none of the squirrels had any white fur anywhere on their bodies. But who knows, it could be an anomaly, a rare one.

  4. It looks like a squirrel that was caught by some predator and got away. A number of years we had a gray squirrel that came to the kitchen window almost every day. Then for a bit of time it did not, but when it started appearing again, it had almost exactly the same tail as the one picture. After several weeks the ‘rat tail’ portion fell off the little fellow and it appeared frequently for a couple more years, until it probably died.

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