University of Virginia Offers Guided Meditation for Election Stress Relief

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The University of Virginia offered a guided meditation to students on Wednesday to help them “process the stress and turmoil of this election season.” UVA is just one of several institutions that have offered such programs, specifically for students that were struggling with anxiety as a result of the election.

Each meditation session was followed by a “reflective discussion” between students and staff on the election.

The meditation event, which was led by members of the religious studies department, was intended to help students better understand how the election has impacted their mental health.

A description of the event read, “the four-hour event will be punctuated by a brief guided meditation or contemplative practice on each hour and half-hour mark. Following each guided practice will be approximately 20-25 minutes of open reflection facilitated by CSC staff and supported by Religious Studies faculty. Students will have a chance to reflect on how they are experiencing this historic moment emotionally and physically in a respectful environment. Emphasis will be placed on learning to bring open awareness to one’s experience during times of uncertainty.”

The University of Virginia is just one of many universities offering specialized support to students following the election.

Bowling Green University held an event during which students were encouraged to shred their feelings in a paper shredder. Alma College in Michigan held an event where students with “election fatigue” were permitted to paint and make bracelets.

Breitbart News reported this week that the University of Michigan offered specialized counseling services to students that were struggling with anxiety as a result of the election. A student newspaper revealed, however, that students have to wait approximately one month for an appointment with a campus therapist.

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