Teen Identifies Best Friend as Mother’s Murderer


ivermectina studies A Kansas teenager has opened up about the devastation of finding out his best friend is accused of murdering his mother, despite his friend comforting him the day after the attack.

http://calissascounseling.com/22-cat/casino_23.html Dillon Jay, 16, discovered his mother Hester Workman, 48, dead in their Topeka home as he arrived back from work on 24 April and then called emergency services.

http://connachtmemorialprinting.com/28-cat/dating_17.html The alleged killer, Amadeus Courage Ballou-Meyer, 16, came over to support Dillon after the tragedy.

http://dirghayuclinic.com/18-cat/dating_29.html “He hugged me and told me he couldn’t imagine what it was like to lose a parent,” Dillon told KSNT.

stromectol frankreich rezeptfrei Muktāgācha A few days later, while looking at security camera footage of the day of his mother’s murder, Mr Jay allegedly saw Mr Ballou-Meyer depart his home holding a baseball bat, he told the same outlet.

how to message a girl online dating Tilburg “This man’s been to my house three days a week for months,” Mr Jay said about their friendship.

Following this, he was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including battery, theft and first-degree murder on 27 April.

Mr Ballou-Meyer’s lawyer, Mike Francis, pushed for his client to be let out to live with his grandmother and requested he be evaluated for mental health issues. Jessica Heinen, the assistant district attorney, opposed his release and said he was “an extreme danger” to the community. He will be tried as an adult.

Judge Darian Dernovish ruled in the prosecution’s favour, and Mr Ballou-Meyer will stay in jail and have another hearing on 28 June at Shawnee County District Court. His grandmother will be able to visit him after a security screening.

Following this, Mr Jay and his sister Sidney Jay reflected to KSNT on their mother’s kindness and how much she meant to them on Tuesday.

“My mom worked hard for me and my sister every day, and I guess I didn’t really appreciate that until after I couldn’t anymore,” he said.

“If she had a gift card she would almost never spend it on herself, she’d insist on spending it on other people,” Sidney Jay said.

Neighbours also spoke about their shock at a brutal murder happening in their area.

“Topeka is not a huge city, but it’s a big enough city to where something happens and you see things on the news and think ‘wow, that’s wild that that happened in Topeka,'” said Macie Watson.

A crowdfund, which has raised over $2,000, was set up by David Jay for the financial setback caused by the loss of Ms Workman.

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