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Jim Jordan Admits He Spoke With Trump on January 6th

During an appearance on Tuesday’s Special Report, Bret Baier asked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) if he spoke with then-President Donald Trump on the day of the Capitol riot on January 6. Jordan was chosen by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on the House select committee that is investigating the riot, but his selection was rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also denied Rep. Jim

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Woman Keeps Autistic Child Locked Inside Cage

A Florida woman is facing several charges after being accused of abusing children in her care, including keeping a severely autistic child locked inside a wood and metal cage. Melissa Doss, 43, was taken into custody by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week and is facing three charges of child neglect and one charge of aggravated child

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Former Sen. Barbara Boxer assaulted and robbed

Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer was attacked and robbed of her cell phone Monday in Oakland, but anyone who relies on CNN or MSNBC’s primetime lineups for news was left in the dark about the stunning attack. The liberal media has been criticized recently for downplaying or ignoring a spike in violent crimes in America’s largest cities. Boxer being


Hillsong Anti-Vaxxer, 34, Live Tweets Himself Dying

An anti-vaxxer aged in his 30s, who even after being hospitalised with Covid-19 proclaimed he still would not get vaccinated, has reportedly died from the virus. Stephen Harmon, 34, from southern California died after being hospitalised with Covid-19 earlier this month. The 34-year-old was part of the Hillsong Church and his death was confirmed by


Cop Charged with Murdering Stepson

A Baltimore police officer has been charged with murder in the death of his 15-year-old stepson, whose body was found hidden in an attic crawlspace. Eric Banks Jr., 34, was initially arrested on charges of assault on a police officer and trying to disarm an officer, Anne Arundel County authorities said Wednesday during a morning