How Coffee Can Ease Insomnia


Sleep better with this coffee compound

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Could coffee… help you SLEEP?

I know that sounds more than a little wacky.

Most folks who drink the stuff use it to wake up, not conk out — but new research finds one hidden ingredient in coffee could do just the opposite.

It could help you to fall asleep faster, especially if you’re carrying around a little extra weight.

And if you use this stuff to help get a little more sleep, you might not have that extra weight too much longer: The same secret ingredient can help kick-start your metabolism so your body burns more fat… all while you’re peacefully snoozing away!

The “secret” is what’s known as CGA, or chlorogenic acids, and in the new study folks were given either 600 mg per day or a placebo for a week.

By the end of the week, the ones on the placebo took about 16 minutes to fall asleep.

The ones given the CGA were out in 9 minutes flat.

That’s already good news if you spend way too much time tossing and turning and not enough time sleeping.

But that’s not the only benefit.

The CGA supplements also increased the oxidation of stored fat by 50 percent. In plain talk, that’s the breakdown of fat — and that stored fat is exactly the stuff you want gone.

The benefits seem to come from a boost in parasympathetic activity, or what’s better known as your “rest and digest” system.

It’s just what you want to happen at night: It’s when your heart rate and breathing get slow and steady so your body can rest and recover. As the name suggests, it’s also when your body does its best digestion, so you get all the nutrients you need from your food.

Obviously, if you get your chlorogenic acids from coffee, you’ll also get a dose of caffeine… and that’ll wreck your sleep, not help it.

Decaf might seem like a better option, but don’t brew yourself a cup just yet: A single mug of any coffee (decaf or regular) has as little as 70 mg of chlorogenic acids.

You’d have to drink about eight and a half cups before bed to get what you need!

That wouldn’t help you sleep… that would ruin it, since you’d be waking up to dash for the toilet all night long.

The best way to get chlorogenic acids is with a supplement, where it’s often called “green coffee extract” and is perhaps best known for its ability to help control blood sugar.

You can find it available both on its own and as part of glucose control formulas. As always, look for a quality supplement from a maker you trust.

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