Surgeon Leaves Scissors in Woman’s Abdomen After Tummy Tuck


A mom of seven who suffered excruciating pain after having a tummy tuck operation in Turkey was told that the surgeon had left the scissors inside her body after the operation.

After the operation in a private hospital in Kusadasi on March 5, the surgeon told the 61-year-old Nurcihan Ogmen from the province of Aydin in the south-west of Turkey that the pain was normal.

Local news outlet AHaber’s said excess skin on Nurcihan’s abdomen was removed by the surgeon in an operation that lasted almost five hours. She was discharged the following day.

Still, she went back to the medic after a swelling developed on her stomach and she was in severe pain.

The surgeon allegedly told Nurcihan that her pain was normal and that it would pass.

But she later went with her husband Kubdettin Ogmen to Soke State Hospital as the symptoms continued for two months.

An X-ray showed that Nurcihan had a pair of scissors left in her abdomen. She returned to her original surgeon L.A. who removed the scissors during a two-hour operation.

Nurcihan said: “After the operation, my pain got worse

“It became so severe that I went to check-ups almost every week. The doctor did not believe me and sent me away saying that I just need to be patient.

“Each time he dismissed me, he was not interested in listening to me at all. I could not explain the incredible pain I was into him.

“I still feel the pain. I’m still not fully recovered.”

Nurcihan has filed a complaint to the local authorities about the surgeon along with the hospital administration and the other medical personnel involved in the operation.

Hospital officials and the surgeon have not commented.

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  1. The surgeon left an instrument, but it’s not a scissors…it’s a surgical hemostat or clamp.
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