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Megan Fox Says She Was Not “Preyed Upon”

neurontin efficacy fortissimo Megan Fox has certainly had some “genuinely harrowing experiences” in the “ruthlessly misogynistic industry” that is Hollywood, but she says none of them involved Michael Bay. As America continues to reckon with an epidemic of predatory fetishization targeting young girls in the aftermath of the Chris D’Elia sexual misconduct allegations, attention has returned to certain

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Betty Dodson Wants to Help You Masterbate

What does it take to make Gwyneth Paltrow blush? Not much more, it turns out, than some explicit coaching on how to tone her pelvic floor. Her instructor, Betty Dodson, the fine artist turned sex educator and evangelist for female self-stimulation, was preaching the benefits of the Kegel-like exercise that Ms. Dodson maintains can help

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The NYC Coronavirus Guide to Safe Sex

Just because many people globally are being advised to work from home doesn’t mean that working’s the *only* thing they’ll be doing—and the city of New York knows that. Health officials realize that in times of crisis—or, TBH, boredom—people will turn to one thing to destress: sex. And why wouldn’t they? Consensual sex is fun, releases