Food addiction is a hidden epidemic


How to break the addiction you didn’t know you had

“Me? An addict??? I’m not one of THOSE people!”

If someone asks if you’re an addict, that might be your response, especially if you never take anything stronger than a vitamin and rarely drink, if at all.

But addiction is about more than booze and drugs.

Millions of Americans are addicted to something just as dangerous and just as deadly — and, like most addicts, they have no idea they have a problem.

You might even be one of them without realizing it!

Food addictions are real and serious. Sweeteners such as sugar and chemical additives in modern processed foods make everything seem more delicious… but that’s not all.

They trigger a release of opioid-like chemicals in the brain that give you a quick rush of pleasure.
Once it wears off, you’re looking for your next “fix.”

It might be a donut instead of heroin, but make no mistake about it: That craving is exactly how addiction works.
It’s the addiction problem hiding in plain sight, and goes a long way toward explaining why some three-quarters of Americans are now overweight or obese yet never seem to lose any weight despite years — and sometimes DECADES — of trying diet after diet after diet.

I recently met with a leading Christian author who’s come up with a groundbreaking new plan to break this devastating cycle by recognizing food addiction as a dependency that needs more than just a little willpower to overcome.

Dr. Michael Brown isn’t a medical doctor. His doctorate is in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures.
But right now, he’s perhaps best known as the TV host and inspirational speaker who’s lost nearly 100 pounds by overcoming food addiction, and is now motivating others to do the same.

His secret is spelled out in great detail in his book, Breaking The Stronghold of Food, written with his wife, Nancy. I’d recommend anyone struggling to lose weight to pick up a copy from Amazon or a local bookstore.
The basics are pretty simple, but you can’t do it alone — which is why Dr. Brown turned to two important places for help.

First, he turned to God. He acknowledged that he had a problem, repented of his addiction, and prayed for His grace.
And second, he turned to his wife, making her a true partner in his recovery. He committed to eating only what she gave him.

After spending time with Dr. Brown recently, I can tell you that he has incredible willpower, which keeps him on a healthy plant-based diet of all organic foods. And that, in turn, has given him boundless energy and intense focus in addition to dramatic weight loss.

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