Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumors

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What do they know in Italy about using cell phones that we don’t in the U.S.?

Ask any of America’s federal watchdog agencies, and you no doubt will be told how perfectly safe cell phone technology is. The CDC says there’s no proof of a link between health problems and using these devices.

But don’t worry, “scientific studies are underway,” it reports!

In Italy, however, things are looking a bit different. A court there has just examined the evidence and found a very real connection between cell phone use and brain tumors.

But what this case revealed goes way beyond the health implications. To find the truth in this matter, you have to do one simple — but important — thing.

A wake-up call

Certainly the cell phone genie is out of its box, and there’s no turning back now.

And for just as long as people have been walking around with these amazing little devices pinned to their heads, we’ve been hearing that using them may cause brain tumors. Of course, industry experts always chime in about how that’s just an Internet rumor.

But in Italy, it looks as if the real story is finally out.

An Italian court has just ruled on the side of Roberto Romeo, a Telecom Italia worker who sued for Social Security payments after developing a non-cancerous brain tumor and losing hearing in one ear.

The court blamed the tumor on Romeo’s “improper use” of the cell phone. Apparently, instead of using his job-issued phone for three hours a day for the past 15 years, he should’ve used it only an hour a day.

Sure, try telling that to your boss at the phone company!

And, get ready for this one — the only other way for Romeo to have prevented getting a brain tumor would have been to use special protective equipment (like anti-radiation ear buds).

In other words, you can get a brain tumor by just holding your phone up to your ear!

Now, you might think that it isn’t the first time the brain tumor issue has come up where cell phones are concerned in a court of law, and you’d be right. But this is the first time that a court anywhere has “recognized a link between cell phone use and the development of a brain tumor,” said Romeo’s attorney.

And it looks like that recognition was due to one very interesting thing: The court refused to allow any industry-funded studies to be considered when analyzing the facts in Romeo’s case.

For some time now experts have been saying the cell phone industry has been engaged in a massive cover-up, concealing the very real health dangers of the radiation these phones emit.

But just last year, a chink in the industry-armor was notched when researchers from Harvard and Yale conducted studies where they placed cell phones on top of cages containing pregnant mice. When the baby mice were born, they exhibited symptoms that resembled ADHD — even autism.

One of the researchers said they were “bouncing off the walls.”

And recently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the type of radiation these devices give off as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

HSI panel member Dr. Mark Stengler has been warning about the dangers from cell phones for a long time now. He says that it may be many years before we see “the true impact of cell phone radiation on the public.”

Dr. Stengler rarely puts his cell phone next to his ear or body. When he uses it, he says, it’s on speakerphone and a foot or two away from his head. (Remember how Romeo was said to have used his phone in an “improper” manner by putting it next to his ear?)

Other ways to “properly” use your phone include:

  • Don’t sleep with it on the nightstand, under your pillow, or anywhere else close to your head — and that goes double for kids!
  • If you’re expecting, keep it as far away from your baby bump as possible. That goes for the purse that you hug close to your body, too — because even Louis Vuitton won’t block the radiation.
  • Guys, you should never keep a phone in your pants pocket. Studies have linked that habit to low sperm counts and even impotence.

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