Aspirin ‘benefits’ come with BIG risks

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ONE pill to prevent cancer!

There’s a pill that can prevent cancer and cut your risk of dying from one of the most aggressive forms of the disease… but it’s NOT the one making big headlines this week!

The mainstream media is buzzing over a new study that claims so-called “baby aspirin” can slash the risk of death from cancer.

Over three decades, men and women alike given low-dose aspirin had a lower risk of death from all causes, but almost all of that benefit came from a drop in the risk of cancer, especially colorectal cancers.

Men who took the aspirin had a 15 percent cut in the risk of death from cancer, while for women the risk fell by 7 percent.

But the study leaves out THREE pretty important details.

First, you don’t need an aspirin or anything at all to cut the risk of death from colorectal cancers. If you get a colonoscopy from time to time, in most cases docs will detect and remove any threatening growths before they ever have a chance to turn deadly.

Second, if you want some extra protection — and who doesn’t? — an aspirin is the wrong way to get it, because this drug comes with a stunningly high risk of side effects, including internal bleeding, stomach bleeds, ulcers, and even brain bleeds.

And third, scientists believe aspirin stops tumors from forming and growing because it thins the blood and fights off inflammation… but there is a much simpler way to get those two exact benefits from a single pill WITHOUT the risks of bleeding.

Fish oil!

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are some of the world’s most powerful natural blood thinners, but they work in a way that won’t lead to stomach or brain bleeds, and they won’t give you painful ulcers.

That, in turn, can also prevent colon cancers — and I’m not just talking about some benefit “in theory.”

This has been also put to the test IN SCIENCE, and it’s packed a far bigger benefit than any stomach-wrecking aspirin.

A study last year found two servings of oily fish per week can cut the risk of death from bowel cancers by as much as 70 percent, and a 2010 study found that people with the highest omega-3 consumption had half the risk of colon cancer of those with the lowest.

Both studies looked at diet, but many people don’t get enough omega-3 from their food for this and other benefits, including a lower risk of heart problems and even some protection for your brain.

If you’re one of them… if you’re not eating fatty fish such as salmon two or three times a week… then get your hands on a quality fish oil supplement from a maker you trust.

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