Woman Eaten by Bears – Partner Pays Tribute to ‘Love of His Life’

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house of pokies The devastated partner of a woman who was mauled to death and eaten by bears has paid tribute to the ‘life-long adventurer’ and love of his life.

http://ctstl.net/9-cat/dating_17.html The remains of Laney Malavolta, 39, were found on Friday night by her boyfriend near the town of Durango, about 350 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado.

free gay dating near overland mo Lampang Investigators said that an autopsy found she died of “penetrating injuries to the neck,” including several bite wounds, La Plata County Coroner Jann Smith said.

live casino no deposit bonus Her boyfriend has gone on to pay a loving tribute to the woman he calls ‘my northern star and the love of my life.’

Laney Ann Malavolta
Her partner paid tribute to her life

ivomec canarios He said: “Laney spent her life in the outdoors and was an experienced and knowledgeable operator in the back country.

dating in jacksonville fl “Her greatest joy was to be in the woods with our friends, our family and our dogs.

“While Laney’s physical presence was suddenly taken from this earth, all that know and love her can take comfort; Laney’s soul will live forever in her favourite place, doing her favourite thing.

“She would not have wanted it any other way. While this tragedy has shaken me and our family to the core, our burden is eased as we consider these facts.

Laney Ann Malavolta
The bears were euthanised by officials
Laney Ann Malavolta
Fatal bear attacks are rare

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the organizations involved in the investigation of Laney’s death and her recovery.”

Earlier, wildlife investigators said they had detected bear fur and faeces at the scene along with signs of consumption on the body, leading them to suspect a bear attack.

Using tracking dogs, wildlife officers later located a 10-year-old female bear and her two yearling cubs in the area, and the three were euthanised, a statement said.

A black bear
Thousands of black bears are native to Colorado (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Examination of their carcasses at a state wildlife laboratory revealed human remains in the digestive tracts of the mother bear and one cub, the agency said.

Colorado is home to a thriving population of some 19,000 black bears. Fatal attacks on humans are extremely rare, with just four documented in the state since 1960.

8 thoughts on “Woman Eaten by Bears – Partner Pays Tribute to ‘Love of His Life’

  1. What happened to this woman is tragic and my heart goes out to her family. I don’t believe killing the bears was the answer. More and more we are encroaching into their home. It’s the risks we take to live among them. They are protecting their families the best way they know how. They should have been relocated to where coming into contact with people again wouldn’t happen.

    1. There isn’t any place in the lower 48 suitable for bear habitation where bears won’t come into contact with humans. The population of wild animals has expanded so much that wild animals are now in suburbs that existed 75 years ago. There are gray wolfs in SE OR & NE CA, habitats that they were eradicated in the 19th century.

  2. I hate that the man lost his Love.But I also hate that a mom trying to feed her babies are gone to. The builders and big companies are the cause.Stop building in the bears territory..And stay out of their territory.Humans already know what can happen,but still go into these places..The bears just needed to be relocated..

    1. Since the population of bears is expanding bears have to occupy new habitat to survive. The new habitat includes a lot of humans. Are you suggesting the the humans relocate? An example of this is South Lake Tahoe which has had significant human population since before WWII. Black bear sightings for years were rare. 20 years ago bears raiding garbage cans became a public nuisance in the fringes of populated area.* If you were cited by the city you had to buy a $600-$1200 bear proof garbage can enclosure or a contractor’s jobsite tool box. The area now patrolled by bears is within a few blocks of Hwy 50 which is lined with motels & hotel casinos.
      *The populated area of Lake Tahoe hasn’t expanded since the 1970’s due to an environmental lawsuit that stopped building until the suit was settled which took two decades. Only building within the populated area that existed when the suit was filed is allowed.

  3. Ask Tim Treadwell about the gentle bears in his case Grizzlys . All bears are dangerous . Only you can protect yourself
    Also black bear attacks are not rare

  4. Human life is greater than animal life but humans have a brain that should alert them to the dangers of backcountry hiking. Take your protection with you and only the violent aggressor will pay the price for an attack. So sad to see this beautiful woman’s life lost to the law of the wild jungle.

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