Vitamin C kills cancer stem cells


Originally posted by Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Revelations

Kill cancer stem cells and end chemo resistance!

It’s another BIG win for natural medicine against one of today’s leading killers.

And it’s found in one of the most basic nutrients of all!

New research backs plain old vitamin C against cancer, and what makes this study so stunning is that it doesn’t just show how this nutrient can kill off cancer cells.

We already know it can do that.

This one goes much further, revealing how ordinary vitamin C may be one of the best weapons yet against the very thing that makes cancer so tough to treat and even harder to beat.

It attacks the cancer’s stem cells!

As any cancer survivor would tell you, the disease has a habit of storming back… just when you think you have it beat.

That’s often the work of those stem cells, which can make each battle with cancer tougher than the last and may even be a prime cause of “chemo resistance.”

But the new lab-dish study finds vitamin C can go right to the heart of the cancer where it can target, attack, and KILL those critical stem cells.

Vitamin C was tested against six other treatments that have shown promise in targeting stem cells, including powerful and experimental cancer drugs.

As it turned out, vitamin C was one of the most effective of them all — TEN TIMES more powerful than one of the experimental drugs!

Of course, this was a test in a lab and not on humans.

Clearly, we need to see more research before we can say for certain whether vitamin C can kill cancer stem cells inside the body as well as it does in a lab.

But we DON’T need more research to know vitamin C can attack this disease in a number of ways.

When blood levels of vitamin C are high enough, it converts to hydrogen peroxide, which can wipe out many types of cancer cells while leaving your healthy tissue untouched.

Those same high levels of C can protect against the side effects of toxic mainstream cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

The only challenge is relatively minor: You simply can’t get the levels needed to fight cancer from oral supplements.

You need to inject it directly into the blood intravenously.

It’s safe, effective, inexpensive and backed by so many human studies that even the mainstream is starting to catch on.

It might not be long before it’s a routine part of mainstream cancer therapies.

But for now, the best place to get it is from a skilled holistic medical doctor experienced in natural cancer care.

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