Statins Pushed on Millions More Patients


Cholesterol drugs get BIG new push

Brace yourself, my friend: The mainstream is getting ready to push cholesterol meds in a BIG way.

And if you’re not on one of those drugs yet, you need to prepare for the onslaught — because they’re cooking up a plan to get close to TEN MILLION new customers hooked on statins.

Statins are already one of the most overused types of drugs on the planet.

We don’t need to give them to more people.

Given the very real risks, we need to help the people who are taking them to find a way OFF!

But a new report in JAMA claims that two competing sets of guidelines means the problem isn’t TOO MANY people on statins.


The study blasts the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force for having more restrictive guidelines on statins than the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology.

They claim the USPTF’s guidelines mean some 9 million Americans will
miss out on statins for primary prevention (a.k.a. when you take the drug to stop a first heart attack).

The media, of course, is just eating it up.

Reuters even cranked out a “news story” that looked more like a Big Pharma publicity piece, complete with a headline that claimed: “Medical guidelines may mean millions miss out on life-saving drugs.”

But how many lives are REALLY saved by statins?

The new “study” won’t tell you… and the media isn’t mentioning it… so once again, leave it to me.

A Cochrane analysis a few years back found that for primary prevention, you’d have to drug 1,000 people for a year to save a single life.

That’s a benefit so small, you have to wonder if it even exists.

The risks, on the other hand, are all too real — because we know these drugs cause both immediate side effects including severe muscle pain, as well as long-term problems such as memory loss, kidney and liver damage, and even diabetes.

Studies show these drugs increase the risk of getting the disease by nearly 50 percent, and a study last month found the risk jumps by as much as 70 percent in older women.

That’s not how you prevent heart attacks.

That’s how you cause them!

Here’s the REAL deal on cholesterol and “primary” prevention: Focusing on LDL numbers alone misses the point, since about 75 percent of heart attack patients have NORMAL cholesterol levels.

Clearly, it’s not the big risk factor it’s been made out to be.

You actually NEED a certain amount of cholesterol, even the so-called “bad” cholesterol, to transport fat-soluble nutrients around your body.

LDL levels can certainly be too high… but if yours reach that point, you don’t need a drug.

A few tweaks to your diet and, in some cases, natural therapies such as red yeast rice can help bring them right to where they need to be.

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