NYC man carjacked, shot in the head by dirt bike riders

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The victim’s car was found abandoned a few blocks away from the shooting, according to authorities

A violent carjacking on New York City’s Washington Bridge has left one man wounded in the hospital, according to authorities.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the New York City Police Department said.

A 45-year-old man was driving eastbound into the Bronx when three men riding dirt bikes in the same direction began firing into his car, striking him in the head and face, according police.

Police said the driver was able to get out of his car, though one of the dirt bike riders hopped into the vehicle and drove off.

The car was found abandoned a few blocks away from the scene under the bridge at University Avenue and Cross Bronx Expressway, according to authorities.

The driver was transported to Lincoln Hospital in critical but stable condition.

An investigation is ongoing.

Police are currently investigating another shooting involving dirt bikes that occurred around the same time at 41st and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, local news station WABC reported.

Multiple shots were also fired in that incident, according to the outlet, though were no reports of any injuries. It’s unclear if the two shootings are connected.

10 thoughts on “NYC man carjacked, shot in the head by dirt bike riders

    1. But it’s happening all over. Violence in the United States is strangely out of control and the two parties always working against each other instead of with each other isn’t hardly helping.

  1. New York City — how do you like the “NEW NORMAL OF CRIME” happening 24/7 in your state? Looks like your deluded democrat leadership is asleep at the wheel and the criminals are now running your state!

    To any sane New Yorkers: GET OUT OF N.Y. IF YOU VALUE YOUR LOVED ONE’S LIVES! Chaos is around the corner and people are being hurt AND NOT PROTECTED! If you stay, get armed for your own protection. Be Smarter than your lame government…

  2. these dirt bike riders are nothing more than gang members on motorcycles targeting white people, the same thing happened in springfield, ma., this type of atrocities needs to be stopped, either by law enforcement whom i feel their hands are tied because of the political left, or by concerned American citizens, we should not be afraid of dirt bikers on the road period

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