Mom Killed Infant Twins and Kept the Corpses for 4 Days

Mom Killed Infant Twins and Kept the Corpses for 4 Days

Reno gay matchmaking services griffith indiana 23-year-old Danezja Kilpatrick has been charged with the murder of her twin babies – son Dallis and daughter Dakota Bentley – at their home in Queens, New York.

gay dating service near reading Police said she tried to poison them through their bottles and also scalded them with hot water in the bath, according to new details released by the prosecutor. 

According to the district attorney’s office, Dallis was found in a bassinet with a knife protruding from his neck. 

The girl was found in a plastic garbage bag under a kitchen sink.

They added the children may have died on Monday and she could have remained with their corpses for up to four days, according to the New York Post.

The bodies of the twins were found Thursday in the fifth-floor apartment in the Woodside neighbourhood by police conducting a wellness check after being alerted by a relative.

Prosecutors said Kilpatrick told police: ‘The babies wouldn’t let me sleep.

‘I just gave up and stopped caring. I didn’t care about the babies, that’s why I poisoned them.’

Kilpatrick’s mum reportedly told officers she did not know the identity of the twins’ father and she was not receiving any help caring for them.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement: ‘This is a tragic, heart-wrenching case. 

‘This should have been a joyous time for this family, instead the babies’ relatives are mourning their deaths and the sad fact that the one person who should have been their protector and loving caregiver allegedly killed them.’

Kilpatrick was arraigned Saturday morning and is scheduled to return to court on May 21.

She faces two counts of murder in addition to a weapons charge and an endangerment charge.

Kilpatrick faces a life sentence without parole if found guilty.

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