Maya Millete’s Ominous Warning Before Vanishing

Maya Millete’s Ominous Warning Before Vanishing

thief spelautomater på nätet hypercritically A California mother of three who’s been missing since early January reportedly delivered an ominous warning to family members days before her disappearance — blaming the husband she was about to divorce if anything happened to her.

wie zu spielen casino spiele wnct “If anything happened to me, it would be Larry,” Maya Millete told relatives during an early January camping trip, referring to her husband, Larry Millete, a family member told Fox News.

best casino mobile games Saubara Maya Millete vanished days later on Jan. 7 in Chula Vista after scheduling an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

“She filled out the form. She was going to meet with a divorce attorney,” Billy Little, an attorney at the Cold Case Foundation, which has been working with Maya’s family, told Fox News.

“The following Tuesday was her appointment. But she filled out the entire form the day she went missing,” Little continued.

Little visited the couple’s home four days after her disappearance and said it appeared as if Larry had been cleaning, Fox News reported.

“The windows were all open, the fans were on full blast, it was a little chilly. It looked like he had been cleaning,” Little told the outlet.

He said he also noticed property damage, which Larry allegedly blamed on his missing wife.

“I talked to him a little bit, I asked if I could see the bedroom. I went up to the bedroom, that’s when I saw the … hole in the door, right next to the door handle,” he said.

Larry has refrained from joining the search parties or public vigils held in honor of her. 

At the time of her disappearance, Larry speculated that his wife had left to get some alone time. 

“Initially, that’s what I thought. But as the days go by, it’s very unlikely that that’s it, because she wouldn’t be gone this long,” Larry told news station KSWB in January.

“I’m still very hopeful that with all this media coverage, she’ll turn up and say, ‘Hey, I’m okay,’” he said.

Her family members said it was apparent there was trouble in their marriage before her disappearance. 

Maya’s sister Maricris Drouaillet said she “saw a lot of arguments” between the couple during the camping trip when Maya issued her warning.

“We felt sometimes uncomfortable about it, too,” she told NBC7. “But you know, we were just praying and hoping they would be able to work it out. We didn’t see this coming, you know, after that.” 

Maricris’ husband, Richard Drouaillet, who was also on the camping trip, told Fox News that Larry would blame Maya for their marital troubles.

“We are in frequent communication with our regional partners about this case and are working to identify evidence, locate it, analyze it and follow where it leads,” police spokesman Eric Thunberg said.

Larry has stopped cooperating with police and retained a lawyer, officials said.

Larry “just sounded desperate, you know, ‘You gotta listen to me. It’s her fault, it’s her fault,’” Richard Drouaillet said Larry told him in a phone call late last summer.

“He was more of an aggressor, trying to get us involved,” Drouaillet said. “He was trying to get us on his side, when we felt like it was a lot of lies that he was telling us.”

The Chula Vista Police Department has said it has not found any evidence of foul play in Maya’s disappearance.

“We certainly have people who remain crucial witnesses to her disappearance,” Thunberg told the outlet.

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One thought on “Maya Millete’s Ominous Warning Before Vanishing

  1. I would definitely have that husband “tailed”. Any husband that keeps repeating “It’s her fault” actually means, “It’s her fault that I killed her.” Ask any psychologist. He is admitting guilt, but putting that “guilt” back on her, because she caused him to hurt her. All because she wanted a divorce! These husbands have very twisted ideas of what marriage is about…and it infects their minds to do the unthinkable!

    Look how tiny Maya was. I don’t know her husband’s size, but he didn’t have to be very big to hurt her. It would be like hurting a child. So sad.😔

    This is so sad for Maya and her family…not her husband. He is a head case, power hungry, and scared to death because he obviously killed his wife, whether on purpose or by accident. He is guilty and he will be found out sooner or later.

    The authorities should put a hidden camera in his home to track his behaviors because this man is desperate, afraid they will find out that he killed his wife OR afraid that his wife’s Spirit will haunt him for eternity. Both are sentences he could have avoided if he had been a better husband or just accepted fate and let his wife get a divorce. It’s all about the “choices” we make…

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