Black Lives Matter Protest

Man’s Testicle Explodes After Being Shot with Rubber Bullet During BLM Riot

News A Black Lives Matter protester is filing a lawsuit after his testicle exploded after being hit with a rubber bullet during a riot.

practically app conocer gente riogordo Ben Montemayor, 29, was protesting police brutality in Hollywood last June following the killing of George Floyd. In the chaos of the riot, a Los Angeles police officer shot Montemayor with a rubber bullet.

sugar daddy dating sites free for sugar babies Crystal An LAPD Use of Force Review Board determined that the officer was within policy when he shot Montemayor, who filed a lawsuit April 12, 2021.

coulee dam gay matchmaking services Baj Baj Montemayor was holding a sign calling to defund the police. According to the lawsuit, he did not hear an order to disperse when riot police started advancing towards the crowd.

best gay hookup apps baton rouge The lawsuit claims: “As Mr. Montemayor stood there, unarmed, not resisting arrest, posing no threat whatsoever to anyone around him, and having just been violently shoved, a third officer less than ten feet away aimed his green [40-millimeter] launcher at Mr. Montemayor and intentionally shot him in the groin with a high-speed plastic, hard foam projectile,” the lawsuit states.

free online pokies lightning link After being struck in the testicles with the rubber bullet, they immediately swelled. One of them grew to the size of a grapefruit, the lawsuit says. Montemayor then had to undergo emergency surgery in order to “piece back together portions of his testicle which had exploded.”

“The surgeon was afraid if they wasted any time, I might lose my testicle entirely,” Montemayor said in an Instagram post at the time.

The lawsuit also states that Montemayor needed physical therapy and that he still experiences flashbacks from the “horrific example of the unjustified police abuse and First Amendment retaliation meted out violently against peaceful protesters.”

According to LAPD policy, officers should only use projectiles against protesters if they present a physical threat.

Montemayor’s lawsuit seeks monetary compensation. He also hopes it will hold the LAPD accountable and protect future protesters from being hit with rubber bullets.

“They’re used irresponsibly. They’re overused. I don’t want them to be downplayed,” Montemayor said to the Los Angeles Times.

“A civilized society cannot survive if the police are allowed to run wild in the streets. The LAPD is out of control,” attorney Dan Stormer added.

7 thoughts on “Man’s Testicle Explodes After Being Shot with Rubber Bullet During BLM Riot

  1. If i was shot/hit in the groin by a cop using any weapon I can assure you the officer would end up needing surgery in the end. Absolutely no reason to shoot any man or woman in the groin.

  2. When you attend a violent riot, there is a large risk of getting injured. He willingly took that risk upon himself, so should have no case.

  3. People are so ignorant talking about him not being able to produce .I hope all the hate and ugly u have in your heart god deals with u just sad the hate and disrespect people say and think it’s okay. What if it was your family u wouldn’t think like that .Remember your ugly words when bad things start happening in your life.

  4. When you attend such events that always turn violent what do you expect? Yes if my child attended such an event and hurt I would be mad but my first question would be what in the hell prompted you to go there.

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