Man Walks Out of Grocery Store to Find 15,000 Bees Took Over His Car

Man Walks Out of Grocery Store to Find 15,000 Bees Took Over His Car

inca gold casino slots An off-duty firefighter in New Mexico had the chance to show off his beekeeping skills when 15,000 bees invaded a man’s car while he ran in to pick up a few things in the grocery store.

single frauen eberswalde The Las Cruces Fire Department responded to a call that a swarm of bees made their way inside a Buick car in an Albertson’s parking lot. According to the department, the owner of the car said he had put his groceries in the car and began to drive away when he noticed the swarm in his backseat.

Kondagaon qual o melhor aplicativo de paquera para windows phone “After blocking off the immediate area to ensure the safety of nearby shoppers, Las Cruces firefighters called upon the services of off-duty firefighter Jesse Johnson who, in his spare time, is a beekeeper,” the department said in a statement posted on Facebook.

mike tyson gestorben Salvatierra “Johnson arrived with the proper tools for the trade – a hive kit, lemongrass oil, gloves and proper attire – and was successful in removing the bees from the car and relocating them to a more suitable location,” the statement continued.

“The fire crew was on scene for nearly two hours while the bees were removed and rehomed,” they said. “A security guard at Albertson’s was stung and it is possible a few patrons may have had close encounters, but no major injuries were reported.”

“The Las Cruces Fire Department does not regularly remove bee swarms,” the statement said. “However, to mitigate the mid-afternoon hazard the large swarm presented in a relatively high-traffic area, firefighters determined the best remedy was to have the swarm removed and relocated swiftly.”

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