Man Goes Missing in the Jungle for a Week After Drinking This Tea


A German tourist has been found in the jungle in Colombia after he drank psychedelic tea and went missing for a week.

Daniel Florian went missing on April 13 after visiting an indigenous reserve in the southwestern Putumayo region of Colombia.

During his visit, he participated in an indigenous shaman ritual that involved drinking psychedelic Yage tea, according to local media reports.

His family back in Munich reported him missing, and seven days later, Colombian soldiers discovered him in the jungle.

In a video recorded by the army, he told his rescuers that he was “not so good.”

“I have been eaten by the mosquitoes and by the ants, and I had not good equipment, so I was seven days in the Amazon,” he said.

He was taken to the Mocoa Putumayo City Hospital where he was treated for dehydration and cuts he sustained during his week in the jungle.

In other psychedelics news, the UK’s first psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy clinic opened in Bristol last month.

The Awakn Life Sciences clinic uses ketamine combined with talking therapy to help treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, and PTSD.

Patients are charged £6,000 ($8,338) for the treatment, in which medical grade ketamine is administered by a doctor in a strictly controlled environment.

The sessions last two hours. After, patients are taken to a “chill out” area where they can stay as long as they like before going home. However, they are not allowed to drive.

Researchers hope it will enable treatment-resistant patients to “access parts of themselves not otherwise easily available.”

For Grant Plant, ketamine-assisted treatment enabled him to do just this, after his alcohol use escalated following a bereavement and a divorce.

The 53-year-old events manager said, “During the ketamine psychotherapy sessions, I felt I was able to access a part of my unconscious where I hadn’t gone before.”

“Together with the talking therapy, I was able to process the reasons behind my drinking, reset my brain and begin a new life as a permanently sober man,” he said.

Additional clinics are scheduled to open in London and Manchester later this year.

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