Healthcare One of Greatest 2018 Problems Facing America

dig this Image result for healthcare uncertainty What are the most important problems facing America as we enter 2018?

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check my reference How would you answer that? Is it the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea? Bitter partisan politics in Washington DC? The Mueller investigation? Is it energy, economy or other problems?

rencontre s femmes Gallup asked a number of people what the most important problem facing America was in their opinion. Two problems topped the list. One was ‘government/poor leadership’ and the other was healthcare. In fact, nearly one of every five people said healthcare was the greatest problem.

like it At the moment, many people are uncertain as to the future of healthcare in America and if their current policies will still be in effect by the end of the year or if they will be replaced with something better. Millions have seen their policies cancelled and replaced with new ones that cost more and provide less coverage. Premiums and deductible continue to rise as benefits decrease.

this hyperlink Think of it this way. Say you used to go to your favorite steak house and pay $40 for great steak dinner. A year later, the same restaurant increased the price of the steak to $50, but reduced the size of the steak by several ounces. The next year, you return to the restaurant, only to find that the steak has been replaced by a hamburger, but the price is the same. A year later, you find out that you can no longer eat at that restaurant and much find a new one.

have a peek here That explains what’s been happening to millions of people ever since Obamacare went into effect.

Now, there is total uncertainty on how much longer Obamacare will continue to exist. The individual mandate that forced many to buy healthcare coverage they couldn’t afford has been repealed, so their no longer any kind of tax penalty for not having health insurance.

Word has it that Republicans have not abandoned their effort to keep their campaign promises of replacing or repealing Obamacare. If they do, no one really knows what to expect, how much to pay, whether their current policy will still be good, and so on.

Then there is the huge push by the health industry to address the opioid epidemic, but sadly, many of the experts are only looking at the drug companies and prescription medications and not the flood of heroine and other opioids flowing across our southern border. Obama’s open border policy has played a huge roll in the opioid epidemic but no one seems willing to admit it.

Another issue facing the healthcare industry is the number of aging people. There are more older people living today than any time in our nation’s history and that number will steadily increase and they will have numerous medical needs. Who is going to pay for this needed care?

Medical technology is always advancing and the research and creation of that technology has to be paid for somehow and by someone.

There is no easy fix to the healthcare problem and no inexpensive way to address everything, but the longer it takes to address, the harder and more expensive it will be to fix it.

Wrap all this and more into one package and you understand why healthcare is one of the greatest problems facing America this year.

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