Grandma Killed By Homeless Man

Grandma Murdered By Homeless Man She Took In


A former homeless man who was taken in as a lodger by a great grandmother has been charged with her murder after “partial human remains” were found at her home.

A murder inquiry was launched by police after frail widow Patricia Holland, 83, disappeared from her home in Lowestoft Road, Gorleston-on-Sea near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

She was last seen after officers are said to have been called to a reports of a disturbance at her home on the evening of Saturday July 24.

Mrs Holland who walked with the aid of a frame and was described as a “lovely little old lady” was reported missing by relatives who could not contact her the following day.

Specialist police search officers, coastguards and volunteers from Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue launched a hunt for her in the surrounding area as concerns grew for her safety.

Police revealed on Tuesday that they had arrested her lodger Alan Scott, 41, on suspicion of her murder, despite her body not being found.

He was released on police bail later on Tuesday after being quizzed at the Police Investigation Centre in Gorleston, but he was re-arrested on Saturday.

A Norfolk Police statement released on Sunday said: “Following extensive searches of Pat’s home address, partial human remains have been recovered.”

“Whilst formal coroner’s proceedings will take place in due course, the family of Pat Holland have been informed and they are being supported by specially trained officers.”

The statement said that Scott had been charged with her murder and was due to appear before Norwich magistrates today.

Mrs. Holland’s family said in a statement released by police, “Our beloved Mum, nan and great grandmother has been taken from us in a way which simply cannot be comprehended.”

“This past week has been the worst imaginable for us. Mum spent her days trying to help others, she reached out to local people and wanted to make a difference in any way she could. We respectfully ask to be left in peace at this incredibly difficult time,” the statement continues.

An earlier family statement said, “She is 83, walks with a walking frame and is vulnerable. We are desperately worried for her safety and want more than anything for her make contact or come home. Mum is someone who is out and about daily around Gorleston town socializing and trying to help the people she meets and make their lives better.”

“If anyone has any information, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, then please, please come forward and help us to find our mum and Nanny,” it continued.

Neighbors said that Mrs. Holland, a widowed mother-of-four, had taken in the homeless man because she felt sorry for him and wanted to keep him off the streets.

She was said to have regularly befriended homeless people in the town, and was a regular at local church social banks.
Forensic officers spent several days last week hunting for evidence inside her house while police teams searched undergrowth near her detached home.

Coastguards and firefighters were also been involved in the search for the pensioner who had lived in her home for nearly 30 years.

Norfolk Police added last week, “Early inquiries lead detectives to believe that this was an isolated incident and as such, there is not any wider threat to the local community.”

Mrs. Holland whose husband George died in 1994 was said to be of a slight build and around 5ft 7ins tall, but walked slightly bent over so she appeared shorter.

She also had a pale complexion and grey and brown shoulder length hair.

A Norfolk Police spokesperson described her as vulnerable as the search for her got underway, saying, “She has mobility problems and usually walks with a walking frame.”

Tracy Bessey, 60, who lives opposite, added, “She was a lovely sweet little old lady and was quite vibrant for her age. She could only walk a few steps and supported herself with a frame when she was out and about. But she used to get herself to the shops, and would catch a bus or a taxi home. She would always wave to everyone at her gate.”

Mrs. Bessey, a passenger assistant for special needs children, said, “There were a lot of police here at around 1pm on Sunday and I didn’t think any more of it.”

“Then we came home later on Sunday night and they were banging on the door of her home and shining lights through the windows.”

She said local residents “hoped for the best, but feared the worst” due to the amount of police “flooding the area.”

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