Biden has a Catholic problem


wild joker no deposit Kotli The recent law in Texas that limits abortions to the first six weeks of a pregnancy has the left in high anxiety.  No one has been more forceful in his determination to overturn the Texas law than is President Biden.  He has pronounced himself as a longtime supporter of Roe v. Wade – and that he will use every tool in the White House toolbox to fight against not only the Texas law, but all limitations on abortion.  He promised “a whole government response.”  Already, his Justice Department is filing suit against the Texas law. At the same time, Biden purports to be a devout Roman Catholic.  That creates a problem for the President.  The Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to abortions.  In fact, aiding and abetting abortions is considered a mortal sin in the Catholic Church – the kind of sin that dooms a soul to eternal damnation.  Some theologians say that is an automatic excommunication of the Church.

ofc poker strategy The American cardinals have called Biden out for his support for abortions-on-demand.  Some have said that they would refuse to allow Biden to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.  Needless to say, Biden does not attend those churches.

gabapentin names Kédougou The media – which is composed mostly of pro-abortion journalists – does not press Biden on the issue.  To my knowledge, they have not questioned The Most Reverend William Francis Malooly, the Archbishop of Wilmington — the diocese to which Biden belongs.  I have not heard any reports from the Peronist Pope Francis on the question of Biden’s standing in the Church.  Has no journalist even inquired of the Holy Father? It is particularly troublesome for Biden because he wears his religion on his sleeve – as the saying goes.  He has made his devotion to his Catholic faith a key component in his public persona.  Many of the other Catholic politicians who support abortion are not all that serious about their religion. 

une rencontre .com Biden avoids open inquiries from the press more than any President in modern history.  He has never had a full-blown press conference in which the entire press corps can ask questions.  Rather, he takes a couple of questions from pre-designated reporters – usually the ones who will not ask the really tough questions.  So, obviously Biden is not about to respond to any question about the conflict with his claim of devotion to the Catholic Church and his forceful support of the one issue that raises questions over the legitimacy of his membership in the Church of Roman.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about it.  She reaffirmed that Biden is a total supporter of abortion, saying that Biden believes “… it’s a women’s right. It’s a woman’s body & it’s her choice.”

And to underscore Psaki’s contempt for the question she concluded with a slam to the male reporter.  “I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant.”  This goes along with the feminist view that if you are not a woman, you have no right to have an opinion about abortion.  That is nothing but arrogant nonsense. It is the equivalent of saying that a stay-at-home mom has no right to an opinion about women in the workplace.

That reminds me of a story … so I shall digress.  I once did a show with radical feminist Gloria Steinem.  The subject was the proper role of a woman in marriage.  She shot at me with, “Why should I take the opinion of a man regarding a woman in a marriage?”  To which I responded, “Why should I take the opinion of from a woman who has never had a relationship with a man?”   My point is … these issues do affect both women AND men.  But the left prefers to shut off – censor – open debate.

Now … back to the topic.  Biden’s claim to being a devout Catholic is false – at least in the mind of the Church.  Like Biden, I was raised in the Catholic Church.  But to be perfectly honest, I would have to change my ways and beliefs to claim to be a good Catholic today.  By the Church’s estimation, I am a fallen away Catholic.  And so is Biden.  But I at least admit it.

He should stop lying about it.  But to ask Biden to stop lying is like asking the Pope to stop saying Mass.  If it were a real contest between the two, I would bet on the Pope giving up Mass before Biden stopped fibbing.

So, there ‘tis.

10 thoughts on “Biden has a Catholic problem

  1. It would be helpful if the Catholic Church would get together on this issue. Even now there is a split in the church. To be Catholic, abortion is not acceptable. Very simple. The Church should take appropriate actions to completely excommunicate Biden for his views on abortion and his aggressive attempts to keep it the law of the land. Stop playing a politician and be a Catholic.

    1. I totally agree, if you don’t want a baby then don’t have sex or get fixed so you can’t have babies it’s that simple keep your pants on.

  2. On abortion: You don’t have to be a Catholic to know that killing a developing human being is murder, in fact, you don’t have to belong to any Christian faith. You just have to be honest in the fact that it is murder because of it being an “inconvenience” and usually the result of negligence in the prevention. (Hey, we have to pay for our mistakes in the responsible world) It isn’t a matter of having “control of your own body” because it ISN’T YOUR OWN BODY that your killing. This idea is just another lie that is told over and over until the impressionable people come to believe it. Abortion is part of their genocide work they (government officials) are currently doing to the world. Abortion was first initiated for the purpose of reducing the “black population” here in our good Ole US of A which, when it comes to the citizens, there is no racial problem. It’s all created by those who sit in the seats of government. Why”? To keep us divided because a people united they can not control. We live in a society where our government is constantly lying to us and re-programing our youth to be their puppets and those who’ve been programmed don’t even realize it. That’s success on their part. The excuses for abortion are just more of their lies to achieve their goal. With them anything goes because the end to them justifies the means. Why don’t people wake up and get, at least, honest with themselves. And I mean this on everything. We are in the flushing toilet with this administration. Regarding the “church”, I don’t know why they haven’t excommunicated Biden and Pelosi and every Catholic in our government who supports killing the unborn and even the new born. They are not Christians they just wave the name for purpose of their position.

  3. Can’t Biden be both a Catholic and a supporter of a woman’s right to make decisions about her body. There are many issues in my mainstream Protestant church that I disagree with, but I still have my faith. The Bible is filled with inconsistencies, but it is still the guiding light in the Catholic and Protestant churches. My hair is off to Biden for his support for “choice” and the Pope for not asking the clergy to treat all congregants with love and respect. Something this unnamed author lacks.

  4. LISTEN UP…GOD Says ….LET There Be ADO PTIONS instead of ABORTIONS. A FETUS Bleeds…ANYTHING that BLEEDS Can FEEL PAIN. GOD is Against ABORTIONS. A WOMANS BODY Belongs to GOD. EVERYTHING on EARTH Belongs to GOD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  5. Beijing Biden, who is NOT President, has NO standing in the Church. He automatically excommunicated himself many years ago by being a baby murderer and pushing for it, and it is a mortal sin and a sacrilege for him to receive the Body, Blood Soul and Divinity of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, and it is the same for any priest or Bishop who willfully administers It to him.

  6. There are only two eternal destinies according to the Bible, Heaven and Hell. J.C. said it would be better to hear the Judge say, Well done, good and faithful servant,” than to hear, “Depart from Me you cursed into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

    Which do you think a liar will hear, especially since the same book says, “The devil is the father of all lies.”? Whose child would lie?

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